Quick Image Uploader

1. Name your files chronologically.
( e.g. nameofyourmanga_01.jpg, nameofyourmanga_02.jpg, etc. )

2. Compose a text file with following information:

3. Compress the manga pages and text doc into a single file and rename with manga title.
( e.g. your-manga-title.zip. )

4. Drag the compressed file into the upload box.

5. Click “start upload”.

6. Await the green flash at the bottom of the upload box to confirm upload.

Thank you for sending us your files!
Your manga will NOT be immediately displayed in your entry.
The SMAC! editorial team will upload them directly for you in the next hours.
We can’t wait to show the world your manga, but please wait some time more.(^_^)

SMAC! Editorial Team

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